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Welcome to the Alberta Data Architecture Association ! 

The Alberta Data Architecture (ADA) Association is a not-for-profit group that is based in Calgary, Alberta.  The group's primary focus are topics that relate to Data Architecture and Information Management.

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 TOPIC         SQL is Not Enough


Please join us for a discussion on programming languages for understanding and transforming data, that build on/evolve past SQL (e..g Python, R). Several guests will each champion a favourite language or tool, first giving a brief introduction and then participating in a group discussion and Q&A.  Note: our focus is only on data understanding/data prep (in the future, we’ll host a separate session for visualization/reporting tools). 

Contributors will include:  

   Paula Jennings, TriloByte Consulting, for R

   Emma Liu, PyData Calgary, for Python

   Wayne Linton, ORA*DBA Systems Consulting Ltd., for SQL

   Elias Carciente, Renaissance Geoscience Consulting for Jupyter

   Kevin Rush, ATB. for SAS


 WHEN:  Wednesday, February 13th

5:00 pm:  Social - Snacks can be picked up at Sunterra (next door) or StarBucks (1st flr)
5:15 pm:  Intro and presentations
6:45 pm:  Closing remarks, Post meeting social at a nearby location
WHERE   TransCanada Tower, 450 1st St SW, Room 217 (+15, NW Corner)