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Welcome to the Alberta Data Architecture Association ! 

The Alberta Data Architecture (ADA) Community is an informal organization of data professionals that meet regularly to discuss matters of interest to the data community, and to network with like-minded individuals. Our meetings are interactive, starting with 15-20 minutes of presentation by subject area experts, followed by an hour of discussion and Q&A between the experts and the audience. 

We follow each meeting with networking and further conversation at a nearby restaurant.   Come for the lively discussions and stay for the networking!

Please check out the Events section for a schedule of upcoming ADA Meetings and related events.

We hope that you enjoy browsing this website.  Your suggestions towards improving it would graciously appreciated.  Please email your comments to:

Gary Demofsky

Led an enterprise data architecture practice which successfully supported a large number of teams ranging in size from small 3 person 6 month sprints to large 20+ person multi-year development projects all of which were iterative and many were formally agile


Simon Orrell, P.Eng. PMP CEC

Since 2004, Simon has been helping individuals, teams, and organizations find new ways of thinking about their work.  This experience has taken him through many domains and industries as diverse as e-commerce and oil and gas construction and operations.  The notion of agility has been at the heart of this path,  as Simon and his clients continue to uncover new ways of working to meet the needs of it's customers.


Manvir Grewal

Manvir has developed many “single truths” for various sized companies in a variety of industries. Over time, his roles have varied from Data Analyst, BI Developer, Self-serve BI support team, Data Architect to Project Manager. Prior to becoming a principal at Shift Analytics, Manvir helped build the agile analytics practice at ThoughtWorks, a global software consultancy. At ThoughtWorks, Manvir learned how to apply agile thinking and frameworks to solving data problems. 


Jamie Pompou

Jamie has been practicing, coaching, and teaching Agile and Scrum for 19 years. Through small startups to large billion dollar companies, Jamie has successfully implemented Scrum in everything from custom development, physical product development, Integration and data projects. It’s through understanding the value of the decisions within Agile that help identify how to fit the methodology within different environments without losing the value it brings.